Church Furnishings

Custom-Designed Church Furnishings

We design and build the highest quality custom church furnishings from the finest natural materials, such as wood, iron, and stone.  We offer our clients limitless design, material selection, finishes and artistic interpretations. Creating ultimate contiguity within each unique environment, while remaining conscious of budgetary guidelines.  A close inspection on any of our pieces will reveal an attention to detail and craftsmanship.  In our manufacturing plant every step is monitored at close range during the fabrication process. Our furniture is manufactured for design, comfort and heavy usage.

  • Custom Pews and Chairs
  • Carved wood and stone Ecclesiastical Art
  • Sanctuary Furniture
  • Architectural Woodwork and Wrought Iron
  • Cast Bronze and Aluminum Art
  • Stone Furnishings

We are able to provide our customers realistic 3-D full-color renderings to help visualize the finished product.

We take great pride in our impeccable reputation for manufacturing custom furnishings at a competitive price without sacrificing quality or artistry. Equally essential is our ability to deliver our products on time.

Examples of recent projects:


0-72-.jpg   altar-1.jpg




altar-2.jpg   altar-4.jpg





chairs-1.jpg    chairs-2.jpg




chairs-3.jpg   charis-7.jpg





p1010050.jpg   chairs-6.jpg









sanctuary-2.jpg   sanctuary-3.jpg





sanctuary-4.jpg   sanctuary-5.jpg





sanctuary-6.jpg   sanctuary-7.jpg

















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