Outdoor Statues

Are you looking for a statue for outdoor use, but are not happy with the look of cement or plastic statues?  We have a proprietary process of making any of our beautifully designed statues to withstand even the harshest elements outdoors.  All of our statues can be special ordered to be made for exterior use.

Of course we can make any of our statues in real bronze or real marble, which are the best materials for exterior use.  However, they are more expensive.  If you are looking for something slightly less expensive, we can make our resin statues suitable for exterior use.

First, all of our exterior use resin statues are made from a heavy-duty commercial grade of resin that is mixed with marble dust.  This superior combination of materials is exceedingly strong.  Then we paint them with highly-specialized automotive grade exterior paints.  Finally, we apply several coats of a UV-protectant polyurethane clear-coat sealer.  This process has proven to withstand both the harshest winters and blazing summers.  With simple care, our exterior statues continue to look beautiful for decades.

We can paint any of our statues with our outdoor finish to look just like a full-color indoor statue, or as a realistic imitation of the following colors:
•    Bronze (shiny or antique)
•    Marble (with or without veining)
•    Wood (with or without grain, smooth or hand hewn)
•    Stone (smooth or granular)
•    Pewter
The colors of course will gradually fade slightly, similar to your car's color over the years.  However, unless your car is right next to a brand new car of the same color, you won't even notice the color has faded.

Please note that all exterior finishes require special order and have additional cost above the standard indoor price.  Please call for a quote.


Examples of outdoor finishes:



          Standard Indoor Full Color                            Exterior Antique White               

guadalupe-60-a.jpg   guadalupe-60-ext-antiq-wht.jpg 


                Exterior Bronze                                        Exterior Full Color

guadalupe-225-cms.jpg     guadalupe-60-exterior.jpg

Exterior full color finishes typically have slightly darker colors

And a slight sheen  (semi-gloss or satin finish)  





     Standard Indoor Full Color                        Exterior Cold Cast Marble                        Exterior Full Color

fatima-60-3347-a-1-.jpg fatima-60-gray.jpg  fatima-60-full-color-ext-a.jpg





       Standard Indoor Full Color                       Exterior Cold Cast Marble

st.-therese-48-c.jpg         st.-therese-48-im-a.jpg  




St. Francis Assisi with Dog 63"


     Standard Indoor Full Color                         Exterior White                       Exterior Bronze

st.-francis-63-w-dog-l.jpg   st.-francis-63-w-dog-m.jpg   st.-francis-63-w-dog-n.jpg




Don Bosco with Teens 72"


                           Standard Indoor Full Color                                                         Exterior Bronze Finish

don-bosco-80-c.jpg   don-bosco-80-x.jpg  


                       Exterior Cold Cast Bronze