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Fiat Studio – Art Sculpture Division

Art Sculpture Division

We specialize in custom-designed sculptures in any material:

  • Bronze
  • Marble
  • Stone

  • Wood
  • Cold-cast stone
  • Fiberglass

Our artists were trained in Italy and are world-renowned.  Each sculpture is a work of art.  From the overall pose to the detailed facial expressions, all aspects of the sculpture are designed to impress the viewer and create a “wow” experience.

We carve both religious and non-religious subjects.  Religious sculptures are the most demanding, as they must be designed to capture the divine in beauty, awe, and facial expressions of love.  Due to our expertise in carving sublimely beautiful statues, we are also expert in crafting non-religious subjects, such as monuments, animals, inanimate objects, etc.

The most important feature of human statues is the face.  This is the litmus test of the skill of the artist.  Our artists are second-to-none in their sculpting of facial features, and world renowned for crafting the most beautiful faces, and conveying the sought-after emotion. 

As we are so skilled in the sculpting of facial features, we are able to design statues to look like a specific person or animal based on a photograph.  We often create memorial statues that look exactly like a loved one, a sports star, or favorite pet.

Our process ensures you will receive exactly what you want, and even more.

  1. Design Phase

  1. We work with the customer to determine the general design of the project
    1. Customer can provide a picture, or several pictures
    1. Our artists can do a sketch or rendering based on a written description
  2. Based on a dialogue, we arrive at a final approved picture or sketch.
  3. We discuss the material and type of finish desired
  4. We provide the customer with exact prices and times for completion.
  5. Once we receive a 30% deposit, we commence work.

  1. Clay Modelation Phase

  • We start with carving a full-scale model in clay.
  • The clay model will have all the detailed features of the final statue.
  • We email the customer digital photos along the sculpting process for suggestions of any revisions that need to be done.
  • Once we receive final customer approval of the clay sculpture, we then proceed to cast it in resin, or sculpt it in marble, stone, wood, or bronze.

  1. Casting Phase

  1. If the statue is to be made out of resin, a special mold is made of the clay sculpture and used to cast it in resin.
  2. Once the statue is cast, it is sanded and fine-tuned.  Pictures of the cast statue are sent to the customer to determine if any final revisions need to be made.
  3. If the statue is to be made from wood, marble, bronze, or stone, we begin the carving process.  We send pictures along the carving process for approval prior to proceeding.

  1. Painting Phase

  1. Once we receive final approval of the cast statue, it is painted.  We send photos during the painting process to get approval of colors and finishes. 
  2. Once we get final approval of the painting and finishes, we pack it for shipping.

  • Shipping Phase

  1. We handle all the exporting and importing.  Typically we import into the port of Miami.
  2. We handle the customs release.
  3. Once released, we make the freight forwarding arrangements based on the specific needs of the customer.  We then send the customer the tracking details.
  4. The time frame from initial order to delivery is typically 3-4 months.

We handle all of the international shipping and importing, so it is a very simple process for you.  We are selling to you at wholesale price, which is typically substantially below retail price, so you are assured of getting the best possible price.

Due to our process of keeping the customer involved in every step of the process, we can guarantee your satisfaction in receiving exactly what you want.

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