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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the list of the most common Questions our customers have previously asked us.

We represent several prominent art studios around the country.  Our primary studios are located in South America, Mexico and Europe.  We do not sell any stock statues made in China.

All of our stock statues are made from resin mixed with marble dust, commonly known as “polyresin.”  To call them “fiberglass” is really not correct.  Polyresin is stronger and less brittle.

Yes, we make statues from all materials, including wood, marble, bronze, stone, etc.  These are custom made, and not stock statues.  Each price would be dependent upon size, type of materials, and finishes.  Please call or email us for more information.

The price listed includes all international importing, customs and duties.  We import into Miami, and fulfill our orders from there.  So you would only be responsible for the domestic shipping from Miami to your location.  We have volume discounts with all of the major freight companies, and simply pass through our actual cost for shipping.

For many of our smaller statues, the crowns and halos are typically included.  However, for some smaller statues and most larger statues, the metal accessories are an extra price.  Please see the statue description.  If you want the accessories, please indicate this in the notes in your order.  We will advise you of any price change.

We have been a supplier for over 30 years and quality control is of utmost importance to us.  This is especially important dealing with international businesses.  Our studios are required to send us pictures for approval and do an inspection prior to shipping any of our orders. 

First, we have exclusive distributor arrangements with our studios, and we are their largest client.  Then we aggregate hundreds of individual orders into large shipments, thus spreading the cost of importing over many items.

All of our stock resin statues are available in an exterior finish, so they are suitable for display outdoors.  Exterior finishes are a special order, as these statues are made from scratch utilizing different materials than our indoor statues.  First, we start with a heavy-duty commercial grade resin that is mixed with marble dust.  This base material is more durable than the resin we use for our indoor statues.  Then we paint the statue with highly-specialized automotive-grade exterior paints.  These are very expensive paints that have a special process for application and require “oven baking” to cure.  Finally, we apply a UV-protectant polyurethane clear-coat finish.  This process has proven over several decades to stand up to the hottest sun and the coldest winters. 

However, outdoor statues do require some care.  As with a car, if you never wash and wax it, it will gradually fade and the surface will start to corrode.  Our outdoor finish statues require customers to perform a regular cleaning with mild soap and a soft sponge.  Never pressure wash it.  Then occasionally it will need a coat of “wax.”  Some people use a spray car wax that works fine, but we have had good success using a product called Spar Urethane.  This can be found in any Home Depot, Lowes or Ace for about $8 for a spray can.  It is very easy to apply.  Just spray on a light coat once or twice each year after a good cleaning.   

Because we don’t know if the customer is following these instructions, we cannot guarantee the finish.  However, we have thousands of outdoor statues that continue to look great after decades outdoors. 

Mitigation Strategies

There are several threats to the integrity of outdoor statues that can be mitigated to keep your statue looking great for decades:

  1. Direct sun. It is always advisable to shield the statue from continual exposure to direct sunlight.  UV rays from the sun are quite strong and will ultimately damage the surface if left untreated.  Consider placing it under a roof, or in an area that gets a lot of shade. 
  2. Deep freezes. Statues tend to have little nooks and crannies where water can pool.  If this water freezes, the ice expands and can cause small hairline cracks in the surface.  These surface cracks are not harmful if they are identified and treated quickly.  However, if left untreated year after year, these hairline cracks can grow and eventually cause structural damage.  It is best to closely examine the statue each time it is cleaned to see if there are any hairline cracks.  It is recommended that if cracks appear, cover them with a clear exterior glue.  When the glue is dry, put on a coat of the Spar Urethane. Or, the best solution is to bring the statue inside during deep freezes.  This is why we recommend using the side mounting brackets, so the statue can be easily removed.
  3. While resin statues are quite strong, they are not meant to be “flexed.”  This can occur if it is bumped, or if somebody grabs an arm, or if children climb on it, etc.  For outdoor statues, we recommend not using a design that has an arm or accessory extending out away from the body that can get bumped or grabbed.  It is generally a good idea to position the statue in a place where these things can be avoided.  Flexing can cause cracks, and cracks can grow and get worse. 

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