Custom Statues


Can’t find the image, style or colors you really want? Or you can’t find a statue of your favorite image that has a truly beautiful face and eyes? We can do a perfect custom-made statue from any picture or from our own rendition for about the cost of an off-the-shelf statue from Europe. We give the client full control of the design. We email our clients pictures of the statue at each stage of the design process for their input, so the final product is always exactly what they want.

We can make statues in any material, including real hand-carved marble, real bronze, carved wood, resin, stone, etc.

We have made many large monuments from 25 feet tall to over 60 feet tall.

Examples of recent customs:


custom1a.png custom1c.png 3.jpg
4.jpg custom2b.png custom2d.png
2.jpg custom3b.png custom3c.png
custom4a.png custom4b.png
custom5c.png custom5d.png
custom6a.png custom6b.png custom6d.png


st-cristopher.jpg st-helen.jpg

st-james.jpg st-paul-of-the-cross.jpg




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