Cross of Forgiveness


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Silver metal Cross of Forgiveness.  2″ tall.

One of the revelations of the Purple Scapular and Our Lady of Good Protection of Blessed Marie Julie Jahenney.

Special blessings are promised by our Lord by all holders of this cross.

During the course of many ecstasies, Marie Julie Jahenny , the holy stigmatic of France, was inflamed by the love of the Cross, and Our Lord revealed to her that He has promised a flood of graces to those who would venerate His Holy Cross, and, in particular, special protection at the time of the chastisements. These privileged ones were designated by Our Lord as:  “The family of the Cross whose destiny is to be protected.”

Words of Our Lord to Marie-Julie on (July 20, 1882):

“I wish that My male and female servants, and even small children can clothe themselves with a Cross. This Cross will be small and will bear in its middle the appearance of a small white flame. This flame will indicate that they are sons and daughters of the light.  My little beloved friends, you will bear on yourselves My Adorable Cross that will preserve you from all sorts of evil, big or small and later I shall bless them. 

Can be ordered with an adjustable leather strap for an additional $1.


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