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Recent Projects

Making revisions to an existing stock statue to create a new subject

1. We received a request for a 60” Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. While we do not have this stock subject, we were able to make modifications to our 60” Immaculate Heart. We removed the heart, changed the position of her hands, and had her holding a monstrance. Then we added beautiful pearlized paint, embellishments and a crown.

2.  We had a request for a Prompt Succor from a parish that could not afford a brand new custom replica of her. So we made modifications to our 72” Help of Christians to resemble the Prompt Succor.

3.  We were commissioned to make a replica of this Madonna & Child statue, only with their eyes open and the baby Jesus facing forward.

4. Customer wanted a St. Cecilia. We did not have a stock model, so we made revisions to our stock Philomena to become a St. Cecilia.
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